Dr Saman Setayesh is fellow of RACGP, and has obtained his Certificate in Primary Care of Dermatology from RACGP/ACD. He graduated in 2001.


Dr Saman Setayesh, has another certificate from Skin Cancer College for Dermatoscopy (science of reading and interpreting skin lesions with a Dermatoscope), which is very essential to check skins. Combining with trained eyes, Dr Setayesh is able to advise patients about the nature of their lesions.


Dr Setayesh is highly skilled in performing all sorts of skin and nail procedures from minor to more advanced conditions with different techniques.


Dr Saman Setayesh is the Laser Officer and is using Laser for treating different skin conditions.


Another field of interest and expertise of Dr Saman Setayesh is Cosmetic Injections with relevant licence.